BDM Check & Verify

Use this service to check whether an entry is the one you are looking for by matching a known piece of information in one of the fields listed below

Please note:- This service can only be carried out on Civil Registrations (Post 1856) and cannot be performed on records prefixed with a "V".

  1. Birth Date & Place
  2. Previous Issue
  3. Fatherís Name
  4. Fatherís Age
  5. Fatherís Occupation
  6. Fatherís Birthplace
  7. Motherís Name
  8. Motherís Age
  9. Motherís Birthplace
  10. Marriage Date
  11. Marriage Place
  12. Witnesses
  1. Death Date & Place
  2. Age at Death
  3. Children of Deceased
  4. Birth Place
  5. Fatherís Name
  6. Cause of Death
  7. Motherís Name
  8. Spouse Name
  9. Age at Marriage
  10. Marriage Place
  11. Time in NSW
  12. Burial Date & Place
  1. Marriage Date & Place
  2. Groomís Birthplace
  3. Groomís Occupation
  4. Groomís Age
  5. Groomís Father
  6. Groomís Mother
  7. Brideís Birthplace
  8. Brideís Age
  9. Brideís Father
  10. Brideís Mother
  11. Witnesses
  12. Religion & Minister

If a certificate matches the criteria you provide, we'll send the full transcript and bill you for the upgrade fee.

Please note :- The upgrade fee only applies when upgrading a transcript at the time of the initial visit to the Registry. Upgrades to a transcript requiring a subsequent visit to the Registry will be charged at the Full price.